Zika Virus can be transmitted sexually and it is confirmed. The first confirmed case of sexually transmitting Zika Virus has been reported in Texas, United States of America. Unwilling to name the victim sighting personal issues, Zachary Thompson, director of the Dallas County Health and Human Services confirmed the news. However, he said that sexual transmission of the Virus was always on the card but this is the first time, it has been proved. This is also the first case reported in US after the recent outbreak of the the Virus in the South America.

Zika Virus Sexually Transmitted Case

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The person from Texas got this from an ill person who was suffering from the Virus. It has been said that the virus came as the person returned from South America few days back. This has given the new direction to the research of the Virus. The researches on the possibility of sexually transmitting Zika Virus were going since long time. There have been some odd clues about it in the past but none of them was establishing fact. Generally, the  Virus is spread through the mosquito bites.

Zika Virus Guidelines

The officials said that the new guidelines for the sexually transmitting Virus will be soon released. However, as of now, the pregnant women have been asked to refrain more than dozen countries especially in Latin America where the Zika Virus Outbreak has taken place. Mosquito repellent and other measures have also been advised to ensure the safety from the mosquito bites.

Zika Virus
The World Health Organization or WHO has already declared the it Outbreak as Global Emergency on Monday. However, the new reports of Zika Virus Sexual Transmission can create more unrest among the people. The Virus symptoms indicate the deformity in the new born kids and the pregnant women are most prone to the virus.