Zika Virus

The world is battling with the Zika Virus now. The World Health Organization has already warned that the Zika Virus is now spreading dangerously throughout the world. According to the WHO Reports, it has already impacted Brazil and in coming days it should affect 15 million Brazilians if it is not stopped. On the other hand, the reach of the virus can affect another 4 million people in North and South American continent.

What is Zika Virus and Zika Virus Causes?

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Zika Virus is one of the viruses that results in birth deformity. It is transferred by the mosquito bites and carried by the female Aedes mosquitoes. It has to be noted that these mosquitoes also spread diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever. The impact of the Zika Virus is maximum when it is transferred to the pregnant women. However, the severity is maximum in the first trimester observed by the medical experts.

Zika Virus

Zika Virus Precautions

The only precautions of Zika Virus are to get rid of the mosquito bites. One must clear all the mosquito breeding areas. However, the other precautions like mosquito repellent, mosquito nets are also advisable for the people.

Zika Virus Symptoms

There are no such prominent symptoms when the Zika Virus gets transferred in to the human body. However, mild fever, skin rashes, conjunctivitis, muscle pain and fatigue and tiredness can be observed. Many of the people do not develop the symptoms at all.

Zika Virus Impact

The Zika Virus causes deformed child birth. It has been noticed that children are born with considerably small head and brain that too undeveloped. This is known as Microcephaly. It is one of the most dangerous diseases and can be dreadful as well.

Zika Virus Treatment

There is practically no vaccine available for the Zika Virus as of now. However, US has said that they are working on Zika Virus Vaccine but cannot be implemented very soon. This is a situation where people need to be careful and proactive.

Zika Virus Spread

According to the WHO, Zika Virus is spreading very fast in the world. Apart from South and North America, the virus has already been reported in South Asian and South East Asian countries including India. The reports from Africa have also ensured the reach of Zika Virus to Africa as well.