Zakir Naik speaks to Media this morning via Skype and clarified his stand on the radicalisation and provocative speeches. Zakir Naik speaks to Media after cancelling his third press conference yesterday. He clarified his stance on Islam and his lectures. Here is what he has said.

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Zakir Naik speaks to Media

Controversial Islam Preacher, Zakir Naik broke his silence for the first time after the allegations came that he has inspired the attackers of Dhaka Café in Bangladesh. He said that he has not inspired any terrorist and he is a “Messenger of Peace”. He also accused the media for media trial and said that his unedited videos must be considered not the doctored YouTube videos. He also clarified that he hasn’t met any terrorist ever knowingly. However, if someone has clicked a photo with him and he smiled in that photo, then it should not be considered, because he didn’t have any idea who that person was.

Zakir Naik has faced mixed reactions from the Muslim community of India. Many has came forward to protest against him and termed him radical as well. Some even announced bounty on his head. His Islamic Research Foundation is already under scanner for foreign investment and influencing politics in India.

He has been banned in UK, Canada and Malaysia, Recently, Bangladesh joined them and banned his Peace TV network as well.

Zakir Naik has recently cancelled his India visit. He mentioned that no authority has approached him, but if anyone approaches he is ready to cooperate for the investigation.

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