Zakir Naik cancels Press Conference considering the authorities pressure. This is the third time he has cancelled the conference. He would be in fresh trouble after he cancelled the conference meet.

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Zakir Naik cancels Press Conference

Earlier, the Muslim activists demanded the prosecution of the Islamic Preacher. They have demanded that Zakir Naik should be punished for his lectures. He was to hold a press conference through Skype to address the media after the entire episode started. He has cancelled the press conference twice before.

Bangladesh has already banned Zakir Naik and Peace TV for provocations. India has however not warned him of any legal actions. The Mumbai based founder of Islamic Research Foundation has however faced backlash from all sections of the society.

It has been told that four hotels in Mumbai has cancelled the PC permission for Zakir Naik and latest is World Trade Center. Expressing anguish over the same, public relations authorities of Islamic Research Foundation said that it is unfair. The statement says that it is not a public lecture rather a press conference. It has been told that new venue would be soon declared. However, the date and timing remain unaltered for the Press conference of Zakir Naik.

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