Yogi Adityanath Loan Waiver – Why Indians can never be Happy

Yogi Adityanath cabinet cleared the loan waiver for the farmers in the Uttar Pradesh. It will ensure that INR 36,359 Crores of Loan for the farmers would be waived off. Well, this was part of the poll promise and he has delivered it. However, not everyone seems to happy.

There is section of the people who are calling it blunder from the economic point of view. Well, yes, the same people talk about the farmer’s suicide as well. When the waive off is given to the Industrialists, the same people talk about Capitalism. If the loan was not waived off, the same section of people would have launched an attack against Yogi Adityanath for not waiving off the loan.

The politics of India has changed in recent years. People are now actively involved. There is no harm to criticize the government and in fact, it should be done so that the government keeps on improving. However, opposing everything is nagging and the Indian political pundits and experts are slowly doing that.
The credit should be given where it is due. There is lots of miscommunication happening over the cow slaughter and beef ban. There is a crime in UP and things are not going well. However, he has taken over the CM post a few days back and asking for delivery is a bit too weird now.

The farmer loan waive was a commendable and courageous idea to relief the farmer. There is a lot of non-performing assets in Banks and most of them have been given to the industrialists. People seem to be relaxed on that front but make chorus when the waiver is done to the farmers.