Xi Jinping along with the CPC is scripting new Chinese Era thanks to the proposed constitutional amendment. According to the Xinhua News Agency, the CPC has proposed that the 2 terms of Five Years of Presidency be abandoned for Presidents and Vice-Presidents. This simply translates that Xi Jinping can remain President as long as he wants, in other words, “Emperor for Life”. Deng Xiaoping, the veteran Chinese leader fixed the presidential tenure for 10 years. Yuan Shikai last tried to restore the monarchy in China during his reign in the 19th century and the observers believe that Xi is following the same path.

Yuan Shikai – Source: BBC
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But the Chinese observers have different thoughts. According to Global Times, Chinese Observers believe that the country needs a strong and stable leadership during the time of 2020-2035. This is supposed to be the critical time for the Chinese and any change in leadership could create an issue. Mr. Xi might be following the same. His tenure was to end at the end of 2023. However, with all possible circumstances, it looks that he is here to stay.

The Social Media of China has seen some of the reactions. The people of China are anxious and obviously not happy. However, many of the keywords have been banned in China following the dissatisfactory reactions from the citizens. Xi Jinping may be bringing the new rule to continue as China’s President as long as he wants. Probably, China is heading towards the North Korean way. Already censored communist country, China may turn even more autocratic in coming days, if the current president can cement his position for long.

Overall, this move may have a catastrophic impact on China, South Asia, South-East Asia and of course in the world Economy.