Xbox One

Xbox 360 production has been stopped by the Microsoft Corp. In the blog for Microsoft, it has been conveyed that the company is stopping the production of the popular Xbox 360 Gaming Console after a long decade. The Xbox Gaming Console 360 witnessed a huge drop in sales due to advanced gaming consoles, like the Xbox One, and advanced gaming PC’s which are becoming more popular. You can now get a good gaming PC for under $1000 ( which is tempting more people to make the switch.

Xbox 360 Production

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Xbox Gaming Console 360 was introduced in 2005, much to the excitement of gaming fans the world over who are always on the look out for the latest gaming technology, following sites like that review the latest products for their avid audience. Microsoft became strong enough to dominate in the Gaming Console industry. It became a strong player in the industry. It got introduced with the games like Call of Duty and Need for Speed. However, there was a huge drop in popularity for Xbox Gaming Console 360 in recent years. However, Microsoft went aggressive on the gaming console industry with Xbox One. However, the Xbox Gaming Console 360 production has been ceased to ensure that company no longer bear the loss. However, the company ensured that all the existing stocks of the Xbox 360 would be available in the market. The Gamers who love to play the games on Xbox Gaming Console 360 would continue to enjoy the games on Xbox One. These games include Grand Theft Auto V (and the incredibly hilarious Xbox One cheats for GTA 5 are back too) and Minecraft!

What is still available?

Microsoft has confirmed that Xbox Live Network would still support the Multi-Player Gaming on this gaming console. The customer support of the Xbox 360 would still be available for the users. However, the glorious decade of operation for Xbox Gaming Console 360 has left enough impression.

The gaming console has seen a dramatic shift in recent years. With many people moving to PC due to services from sites like, they have had to adapt accordingly. The industry has improved a lot in recent years and many gaming consoles that started initially are suffering a huge loss. It is expected that others may soon follow the same steps to phase out the existing products that are suffering loss.