Source: Mirror

The worst Paedophile of Britain, Richard Huckle, was found murdered in prison. Paul Fitzgerald, 30, another prisoner, wanted Huckle to feel the pain the victim felt. He termed the incident as ‘poetic justice’.

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Fitzgerald strangled Huckle with an electrical cable sheath. He then inserted a pen into his brain. Fitzgerald then blunts an object into the body as well.

It was a four-hour trial. The jurors at Hull Crown Court convicted Fitzgerald of the murder.

The incident took place in 2019 in October. Alistair MacDonald QC termed the murder ‘humiliate and degrading’, Fitzgerald on the other hand claimed that Huckle was the worst pedophile in Britain.

The prosecutor said that Huckle was a ‘predatory pedophile’ and ‘notorious in the press’. He was in the UK for a large number of charges of child sexual assaults.

As per MacDonald, Fitzgerald informed the doctors that he had sexually assaulted Huckle. As per the lawyer, Fitzgerald told,

“He felt that it was poetic justice and he wanted Richard Huckle to feel what all those children had felt.”

He continued,

“He said that Richard Huckle was a man who raped and abused children for fun and that he suspected that Richard Huckle had done more than merely rape his victims.”

However, Fitzgerald denied murder and told that he has issues like a mixed personality disorder, gender identity disorder, and psychopathy. He even claimed that he has impaired his ability to self-control.

The defendant said that he has no ability to control himself.

He is to be sentenced at the Hall Crown Court on Tuesday, reported Mirror.