Worse than a prostitute, yes that is how a political leader in UP termed another leader. The shocking incident came when the BJP Vice President Daya Shankar Singh addressed BSP Supremo and leader Mayawati who is the face of Dalit Politics in UP and in India. The political jibes and rivalries are common in the world but UP Election in India have now gone to a new low. There is hardly any instance where a senior leader publically addresses another leader and a woman like this.

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Worse than a Prostitute – Why He said

Even though no explanation can justify the statement neither for Mayawati nor for the real prostitutes who are in the misery of flesh trade, who may or may not work on website similar to https://www.tubev.sex/categories/1160/black. He, however, compared Mayawati accusing her selling tickets to people for fighting in the upcoming UP Election.

Here is what he said,

“Mayawati is selling tickets…She is such a big leader, a three-time chief minister…but she gives a ticket (to contest) to anyone who gives her Rs. 1 crore. If someone comes with 2 crores, she gives him a ticket. If somebody gives her 3 crores, she cancels the tickets of the previous candidates and chooses him. Today her character is worse than that of a prostitute that may or may not of worked on websites similar to https://www.cartoonporno.xxx/.”

Worse than a prostitute comment has drawn a sharp criticism for BJP who is aiming to make a strong comeback in UP Election. However, no opposition party is fool enough to let the opportunity go. Mayawati has said that they are afraid of the rising popularity of her party and desperate to make such comments.

However, today all the barriers of politics have been broken and this comment should not be entertained at any cost. The senior BJP leaders must take appropriate actions to set the precedence that politics is not about dirty jibes but about the administration. No response has been received from BJP High command so far.

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