World's Loneliest Elephant
Source: AP

The world’s loneliest elephant is set to get friends and companions. Kaavan, an elephant in Pakistan’s Islamabad Zoo in the silo for over 35 years. Now, after so many years, the elephant is set to travel mostly to Cambodia with companions. Kaavan has received the required medical clearances to travel.

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Kaavan, termed as the World’s loneliest zoo was in Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad. The zoo was closed by the High Court due to abysmal conditions on systematic negligence. Animal activists around the world voiced for Kaavan and the elephant was rescued. However, not all animals were lucky. Two lions died in the zoo during transfer in the July end. Local animal handlers set fire on their enclosures to force them into transport crates. The lions were engulfed by the fire.

Four Paws, an international organization was invited by the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board to safely transport the other animals. The World’s loneliest animal was rescued safely thereafter. It has spent most of the life in a small enclosure in solitary.

The medical examination revealed that the elephant was overweight despite being malnourished. The nails were overgrown and cracked. Kaavan has spent life without much attention and improper environment. The flooring sheet damaged the feet as well.

Martin Bauer, a spokesperson of Four Paws, said that the steps are to be taken for his transport to an animal sanctuary in Cambodia. However, it is believed that the recovery of the elephant would take a long time. The wounds the elephant received are not merely physical but behavioral as well.

Kavaan lost its partner in 2012. Both of the elephants were in poor condition and solitude. However, it is not clear whether the elephant will be able to travel. The activists are lobbying for the transport since 2016, but nothing has yielded results yet.