world cultural festival

World Cultural Festival went ahead after so many hurdles and concerns. However, Controversy seldom dies, especially when such a big event is organized without any proper clearance. The truth that came out is not only astonishing but also worrying.

World Cultural Festival – Security Mess

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The land for the event was taken from Delhi Development Authority to celebrate the 35 years of Art of Living in Yamuna plains. However, the organizers never informed the scale of the event and neither they took the permission 20 days before. The 1.5 Lakhs visitors were in danger along with scores of artists. However, the problem escalated when Sri Sri invited President of India, Prime Minister of India and many others. The CPWD wrote to Delhi Police that stage was not secured and adequate security has not been provided. President Pranab Mukherjee pulled out of the event and Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe flew to India to attend the event but he only flew back on the next flight seeing the arrangements. MHA at last minute gave permission to 30000 para security forces sighting terror attack even though it was a private event. An environment fine was also slapped of INR 5 Crores. Finally, PM Narendra Modi inaugurated the event on Friday that has no cover for rain and other lapses.

World Cultural Festival – Questions to be answered

Even though the 3 day World Cultural Festival went ahead and entered the 3rd day but there are some serious questions that need to be answered. An event of such scale is always a danger of the venue being one of the most popular places in Delhi. The Delhi Traffic authorities complained about the traffic mess as well but organizers never made any attention. The art of Living made a mess out of World Cultural Festival and the questions will haunt the authorities and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for a long time.