Source: KU Wichita Center for Breast Cancer Survivorship

As women’s day is approaching, scientists have discovered a new way for women to defy odds. The recent study concluded that women consuming more soy can defeat breast cancer. Increased soy consumption can lead to longer life in women suffering from life-threatening breast cancer and the best part is that soy can be consumed by patients undergoing treatment. In another study, researchers found that soy consumption increases life expectancy. The study was carried out on Canadian women suffering from breast cancer. During the test, the few patients were fed on soy diet and the test concluded that the women suffering from breast cancer were 21 percent less likely to die from the disease.

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The lead researcher of the study, Dr. Zhang said that “women suffering from breast cancer should include a little amount of soy in their diet to increase their chance of survival.” Further, the research concluded that soy can be helpful in suppression even the aggressive form of breast cancer.

In previous research reports, patients suffering from breast cancer were not allowed to consume soy products as it was believed that soy can help in spreading tumor cells. But the recent study has now proved that soy can actually help women suffering from breast cancer in increasing their chances of survival.

So, this women’s day , let’s make it healthier and better for all the women around the world. A woman is source of everything and here is a chance to defy all that obstruct her as per the study.