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Woman murders during the sex act in Australia, in a horrific incident. Jamie Lee Dolheguy strangled foreign student Maulin Rathod, 24, during a chock act.

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She was found guilty of manslaughter after luring Rathod to her home in July 2018. She told Rathod that the chock act will be okay and it will be over quickly. Rathod was totally unsuspecting and agreed. He however died the next day in the hospital.

Woman murders during the sex act

Jamie Lee Dolheguy searched different options to murder someone for fun before killing her victim on the internet. The pair met on a dating app and met after exchanging some messages. She then decided on strangulation as it was easy.

Dolheguy wrapped her arms around his neck and applied pressure. He kept signaling her to release him, but she won’t let go. She then wrapped a cable of a sex toy and strangulated him. Dolheguy then called the police for help.

Justice Almond reading out the verdict said,

“It is abundantly clear in your case that there was a degree of premeditation with respect to the act of violence. You had no sexual interest in Mr. Rathod.”

Rathod’s parents from India hope that justice will be served so that no one else goes through the same.

Justice Almond sentenced her to nine years in prison. However, she can be out on parole after 3 years 3 months.

Dolheguy has gone through troubled childhood and teenage. According to her lawyers, she was in chaos. Her lawyers argued to send her to rehabilitation for her personality disorder. However, that has been rejected.

Justice Almond however told that there has been an improvement in her condition and there is the scope of her rehabilitation, reported News.com.au.