Woman bites off testicle
Source: Daily Mail

A woman bites off a testicle as she was resisting a rape attempt on her. The incident happened in Brazil. The woman has admitted to the charges and said she acted in self-defense.

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She claimed a man named Pedro, her neighbor, came to her bedroom in Miguel Alves, a town in Northern Brazil. She alleges that the man forced himself on her and tried raping her. She told that she has bitten him twice, however, she was unaware that she had bitten off his testicle.

As per the local reports, the man could have been her ex-boyfriend and attacked her out of jealousy. However, the woman denied dating him.

Woman bites off a testicle

She was with another man during the incident. The man tried to pull him off from her, she claimed. However, Pedro kept attacking her and tried raping her. The lady claimed that she was raped before twice and refused to be a victim for the third time. Hence, she attacked with her all might resist it.

He was taken to the hospital immediately. The doctors could not re-attach the testicles. He was discharged after stitches.

Pedro, has, however, claimed that he is the victim and the attack on him was unprovoked. He pleaded that he did not deserve what happened to him.

The police investigation is going on. The police have medically examined the man and questioned both of them.

No charge is pressed so far. However, it needs to be seen whether both of them will be charged, reported Daily Mail.