Source: ABC News

White House Iftar or the Eid Celebration became an integral part of the United States in the last two decades. However, Donald Trump has ensured that it is broken. At the end of the Holy Month of Muslims, the White House Iftar became a tradition and was started by the then First Lady, Hilary Clinton in 1996. Since then, it has been part and parcel of White House. State Secretary Rex Tillerson too broke the tradition of not hosting the dinner at the State Department. This is the first time since last two decades that Muslim leaders were not invited to attend a gala Ramadan Iftar at the White House. President Bush and President Obama ensured to do that.

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Donald Trump and Melania Trump, the First Lady did release a statement for the Eid Celebration. The congratulated the Muslims who celebrate the Festival of Eid. However, the Iftar Dinner has made many surprised. One would seriously think that why did he skip the dinner when he didn’t have any issue with it? Yes, during the President Campaigning, he told ABC News that it wouldn’t bother him. However, eventually, it did bother.

But considering the present conditions, situations and of course the politics of Donald Trump, one should not be very surprised by this. He has not so typical relationship with the Muslim Community and perhaps that is the reason, he did not host the White House Iftar dinner and Eid Celebration.

On that note, The Asian Herald wishes everyone a very prosperous and peaceful Eid Celebration. Let’s Peace be upon everyone in this world.