Jacinda Ardern
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Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand is a popular politician. She is adored by many even outside New Zealand. When New Zealand celebrated 100 days with community transmission of COVID19, the world felt joyous. Many people spoke about her credibility as a strong leader to take New Zealand out of the COVID19. Few pundits however spoke about the population of New Zealand, which is close to 5 million. However, that does not take anything from her as a leader.

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However, soon after, things changed for the island country. The community transmission began again. Auckland was put into Level 3 restrictions. The Auckland cluster and Mt Roskill mini-cluster have put the Kiwis back at the fight again. But with rising cases, began confusion within the New Zealand government. Jacinda Ardern definitely did not like this. The confusion actually passed on to the population as well.

What really happened?

The Health Ministry of New Zealand put a post on Facebook. It says that the people from South and West Auckland should get themselves tested irrespective of the symptoms.

This created confusion among people. A few days back, they were said that people with no symptoms need not be tested. There are around 700,000 people in South and West Auckland. Everyone queued up in the testing centers. There were rush and chaos.

When Ardern was asked about this she looked visibly furious. She wasn’t happy about it and she admitted that it should not have been done. The prime minister clarified that the government is not asking everyone to get tested in the south and west Auckland. She informed that she has already spoken to the authorities. However, the post was not removed even then. Ardern told that the moment she goes out of the podium, she would have a word.

Well, that is probably one of the issues that came across the New Zealand government during the COVID19 pandemic. They have largely dealt it well. Auckland is moving to Level 2 warning which means lockdown ends from August 30 midnight. Wearing a mask or shield becomes mandatory and the gathering up to 10 people will be allowed in Auckland.

At present, there are 133 new cases linked to Auckland cluster and 18 to Mt Roskill mini-cluster in New Zealand.

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