Madhumita Sarcar
Source: Instagram_Madhumita Sarcar

Madhumita Sarcar is one of the Bengali actresses who have turned the tides on her side. The Bengali actress first started with Television serials and soon became a very popular face in the Bengali household. She slowly took her career to the big screen and is now getting the limelight she deserves.

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Madhumita recently featured in Love Aaj Kal Parsu and got praise from the critics. However, she has always been a great actress. In Love Aaj Kal Parsu, she paired with Arjun Chakraborty, another talented actor in the Bengali movie industry. The onscreen chemistry of the duo was sparkling.

The talented actress got some time off during the lockdown and recently told the Times of India that the pandemic has taught her many things. She said that every situation whether good or bad teaches something and she has learned her lessons. She wants to remember the pandemic until the very last and had opted for a unique way to do that. The actress got her first tattoo on her thighs and it says, “And the chaos within me”. Well, the words are certainly subtle.

The actress went to Mumbai recently to attend an acting workshop.

Madhumita Sarcar would be portraying the role of Sita in the special edition of Mahalaya this year. Directed by Kamaleswar Banerjee, Mahalaya will feature actress and MP, Mimi Chakraborty as Devi Durga in Mahisashur Mardini. Madhumita played the role of Devi Durga last year. This will be the first time that Mimi will play this role. The director is currently working with Madhumita on her part. Madhumita said that Sita is a form of Shakti and she felt a strange inner peace and strength when she came to the floors.

Madhumita Sarcar would also be playing a crucial role in the upcoming Bengali Movie Chini. She told TOI that she would wear many hot pants in the movie as per the character and she thinks that her tattoo would look cool.