West Bengal Panchayat Elections
Source: NDTV

West Bengal Panchayat Elections are in news again, and the reason is violence yet again. The polls in Bengal have come under attack from the political goons and people have suffered. Well, to say the least, the democracy is defamed again. If someone puts a finger at Mamata Banerjee for all this, then it should not be wrong. She is the Chief Minister and as the head of the State, it is her responsibility to ensure a fair poll.

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West Bengal Panchayat Elections are going in the entire state and already 2 people have lost their lives. 20 people have been injured in Cooch Behar. The incidents of violence have been reported from the South 24 Pargana District as well as from the Jalpaiguri. There are many other incidents that have saddened the democratic process at the grassroots level.

This is the lowest level elections in the country where people choose their representatives by casting their votes. However, the greed of power has consumed the free spirit of the people. There was a time when the alleged rigging used to happen. Now, the goons have become even stronger and they have restored to violence.

The Poll Panel has already sought report of the Cooch Behar incident. However, the State Government must take action to curb the violence. There should not be bloodshed on the day when the rural countrymen celebrate the democratic rights. Police actions must be even stricter for all those who create violence irrespective of the affiliation with the political party.