West Bengal Election Result – Why Mamata Banerjee Won

West Bengal Election Result has yet again proved the Bengal Politics is predictable. The trends of voters have shown that Bengal reelect parties with huge majority at least for the second term. But is that all for TMC to win the West Bengal Election?

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West Bengal Election Result – Why Mamata Banerjee Won

One may question that did the corruption, scams and the recent flyover collapse play no role in the election? Well, there are things beyond that. If a closer look is given to the West Bengal during the West Bengal since Mamata Banerjee took the post of CM many things can be cleared. Here are the in depth analysis why Mamata Banerjee won the West Bengal Election.

Rural Development

The Rural Population believes in some ground breaking development and Mamata Banerjee and the TMC were spot on with this. If the NREGA is considered, West Bengal has utilized 9.6 times the number of person days during her tenure. Well, now, let’s take the example of Maharashtra and Bihar, the number for these states are staggering at 3.2 and 3.1 respectively as per Scroll.in.


During the TMC rule, West Bengal has remained the second largest numbers of toilets for households in India. Well, the number of villages that have declared as free from the open defecation are also at the second highest in India.


Minority has remained one of the most focused area for TMC and it has paid them a lot in the election result. The West Bengal Election Result shows that TMC has secured 44.9 % of vote share and that is not an ordinary number for any party. The second highest party as per the vote share is CPM and it is only 19.3%.


In marketing, the packaging is done to give a product better appearance and Mamata Banerjee is a master strategist. She has made huge efforts to improve the appearance of the cities like Kolkata and adjoining areas. This has been exactly the packaging of the urban areas by TMC. However, it does not really mean she destroyed Kolkata, but yes all the scams and collapses were very well countered by this.

Lack of Opposition

The Left was thrown out of power in 2011 and since then it has hardly able to regroup in Bengal. The lack of youth in left has made it even more vulnerable. TMC on the other hand has done tremendous social engineering and roped in youths, film stars and other celebrities in the party ranks. Well, it is difficult to say that it has huge political benefits but as far as Vote is concerned, Mamata Banerjee played a master stroke with the same.

Left –Congress Alliance

Yes, the arch rivals, Left and Congress came together to defeat TMC but it was too late. West Bengal have always seen the grudges of CPM for Congress and vice versa, and the alliance was little too impractical and ineffective in nature.

Mamata Banerjee is set to become the Chief Minister of West Bengal for the next term after winning the West Bengal Election Result with the huge mandate and it is time for the Left and Congress to regroup and start from the basics. They need to counter TMC and as of now, they do not have any such strategy.