Planning to wear a Mini at tonight’s party? Well, you can learn a lot from the glamour queen. Yes, after sizzling in contemporary and ethnic style, the fashion queen Priyanka Chopra can actually give you lot of her tips for the Mini. She carried it like a boss and you may too.

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Priyanka Chopra did a photoshoot with a leading magazine and she wore a Silver Mini to steal the show. The Silver Embellished Mini with cross body design, this Mini makes it one of the best detailed dress in this niche. Richa Mehta and Manisha Jaisingh teamed up to design the glittery and gorgeous dress.

But that is not all that you must see. Priyanka ensured that her dress gets all the attention and thus she did not opt for heavy jewelleries. There is only silver hoops, bangles and of course a ring.

A designer dress has all the glamour to attract. However, over jewelleries often kill the glitter and your pretty dress gets overshadowed. The fashion queen just showed how it must be carried. Have a look at how she did it with ease and it may give you ample ideas for the next party.

Jewelleries and the dresses go hand in hand with right proportion and glamour from both may end up in a mess. It is therefore important to choose the Minimal accessories with a Mini provided your dress is already bright, glittery and gorgeous. The contrast can be made visa-versa as well depending on the choice of the design.