Mars has always been a topic to debate about for the world and the latest report of the NASA has astonished the world. In 2008, NASA reported that, The Red Planet might have traces of water however in the solid form. The expectations of people in earth found the fuel to consider the extraterrestrial life or the survival of life in the planet. According to the reports sent by Mars Exploration Rover Mission, NASA has claimed the existence of Martian Water in liquid form. However, it was quick to clarify that the amount of water is very little and that could only cover the surface of the planet.

The Significance

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However, among all these the biggest news is that there is flow of water in Mars even though seasonal. The potential of hosting water on the surface of the Red Planet has raised serious hopes for life existence. But NASA is in no hurry for it. The Project Head for Mars Mission has clarified that traces of water does not mean presence of life. Even though it is considered that water is the basic requirement for life but other requirements for sustaining life is not clear. The distance between Sun and Mars is ideal for life but there are many more things to be examined before drawing any conclusion.

Role of Rover

The Rover has sent the photos to NASA but it may not play any role for the experiment. There are two major reasons behind it. The first thing is the 1976 Outer Space Treaty. According to the treaty, no country should take any step that could lead to contamination of water in other Planet. Rover has carried lot many things from space before reaching the mars and there would be no surprise if it has carried some dangerous microbs. These may very well result in contamination of water. Also, the water found in steep slopes and the Rover may not have the ability to climb the same. However, NASA has clarified that only 20% of Mars has been explored as of now and more results are expected in future.

The Next Mars Mission

NASA is ready for the next Mars Mission in 2016. However, the ultimate goal of sending human to Mars by 2030s is very much on the card.