Watch: Rio 2016 Judo – When Egyptian Takes Revenge on Israel

Rio 2016 Judo Event becomes latest rivalry plot as Egyptian Player Islam El Shahaby snubs Or Sasson by refusing to handshake. Judoka Or Sasson defeated Islam El in the first round of the Rio 2016 Judo for over 100 Kg category and as per sportsmanship went ahead to shake hands. However, he refused to shake hands.

Interestingly, this has been cheered by the crowd as well. This is seen as the revenge of the Arab world at a world platform against Israel for killing Palestine’s’. However, the timing and the place will remain questionable. It is true that there are violations at the border of the Israel and Gaza. There are losses of lives and that should be

condemned. However, entire Israel population cannot be blamed for the bloodshed. It is a political issue and public do not really control the Israel Army. The same way, it is wrong to blame the Arabs and the entire Middle East for the Islamic State and the killings.

However, El Shahaby chose to defy the sportsmanship at Rio 2016 Judo event and sparked a controversy. It may be cheered in the Middle-East and will be condemned in Israel but sports should always be different from the politics.

Watch the Ri0 2016 Judo Match moment – Sasson v El Shahaby here

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