Aneeth Arora Collection Amazon Fashion Week 2016

Virtual Fashion Show – The Amazon India Fashion Week (AIFW) Spring- Summer 2017 is going on with much gusto and fashion fiesta. The very first day was dominated by the Italian Trade Commission debuting a stunning Italian collection in collaboration with Fashion Design Council of India. It featured dapper men’s as well as beautiful women’s wear.

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The most awaited edition is perhaps the first ever virtual showcase of fashion designer Aneeth Arora. Her collection aptly titled the Forbidden Garden will be beamed live from her secret garden onto the NSIC Grounds, Delhi where the fashion week is going on. Her label Pero is already a well known fashion brand. This futuristic venture is sure to blow the audiences. #iloveperoLive will be trending socially on the fourth day of the fashion week.

Amazon India Fashion Week 2016 Aneeth Arora collection

It is inspired by the works of Southern Netherland painter and botanist Pierre Joseph Redoute. He was a celebrated court artist of Queen Marie Antoinette. Dreamy tassels, delicate drawings, intricate European lace works, and official pero buttons will dominate this spring-summer collection.

Anneth Arora states that the small magical oasis created by her gardener back at home ignited the thought of presenting the clothing line virtually. All the elements in the garden created the dazzling impulse to tell an enthralling fairy tale on fabric.

It’s a unique experience to walk a live virtual fashion show. Designers are story tellers who transport us into their world of colors and delicate designs. Each piece, whether they be shorts that remind of the on offer, or the more avant-garde outfits, is like a sewn painting showcasing the passion of the creator. Technology can work so many wonders, can’t wait to see #iloveperoLive.

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