Former India Player Vinod Kambli has showed interest to coach the Pakistan Team. Well, if you are already feeling What? Then it is good to understand that the dashing left hander was trolling a Pakistan Journalist and made people laugh.

Vinod Kambli has the last laugh

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Pakistan Cricket Board or PCB is in search of a new coach after Waquar Younis stepped down as the coach of the national team following the debacle of WT20. A Pakistani Journalist tweeted the same to Vinod Kambli and he was quick to assert that he is available. However, soon it became a India Pakistan Issue and Vinod Kamblu trolled the journalist.

Vinod Kambli Twitter Battle

India and Pakistan shared a very complex yet so defined relationship and the entire world can witness the same in the Social Media. It does not matter what is the issue, people from different side of the borders come to mock each other. Well, that does not mean it is hatred all the time. There are circumstances when it is all for fun and entertainment.

Then he got this from a Pakistan Fan.

He was in mood to smash everything out of the park.

Well, it did not end there.

Vinod Kambli who once set the world record for partnership in School Cricket along with his best friend Sachin Tendulkar is known for his attitude. He is considered one of the extremely talented cricketers who could not live up to the expectations due to attitude and bad habits. He was once one of the most prolific batsmen in Indian team but later he was dropped. Even though he kept bouncing back but it became too late for him. He has even tried his luck in Indian Cinema but unfortunately could not do much. He came into news few years back when blamed Sachin Tendulkar, once his best friend for the debacle of his career.