Vijay Rupani takes the oath but the entire episode of Gujarat politics was nothing less than an incredible cricket match. Remember the India v Bangladesh Cricket Match in World T20? Well, there are plenty of similarities for the Gujarat CM selection.

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After Anandiben Patel resigned the office, it was almost decided that Nitin Patel would take over the CM position. Anandiben Patel endorsed him as well. The things were so confirmed that Nitin Patel was seen accepting the good wishes and was speaking as well. Here is what he made the mistake same as Mushfiqur Rahman who scored a boundary and start celebrating. Bangladesh was so close to win and required only 2 runs and it was all but over. Then the famous three balls of Hardik Patel came when the overexcited Bangladeshi players got out and lost the match.

Vijay Rupani stayed quite and the low profile BJP leader has done so since last three decades of politics. He has been a noncontroversial figure and MS Dhoni of BJP, Amit Shah selected him as Gujarat CM at the last moment. There are many reasons behind the decision but Nitin Patel had to compromise with the Deputy CM of the Gujarat.

Did the over excitement cost him the CM post? Well, quite possible.

The reference has been drawn just for comparing the situation in a lighter mode. This is a personal view of the author. The Asian Herald wishes good luck to the newly elected Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani and hope he can turn things around.

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