Source: NY Times

Texas Flood has remained a worry for the US Government and people. Heavy rains have lashed out at many parts of the Houston and adjoining areas after the Hurricane Harvey. People of Texas are at the age and the authorities are busy in rescuing operation. As the rain increased, the flood level and the water level have also increased in many parts of the Texas. The authorities fear that the situation may worsen even more if the rain does not stop. However, the experts are not hoping for any clear sky anytime soon.

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The authorities believe that the situation could be made stable in few days but the water needs to retreat. On the other hand, the authorities believe that at least 30,000 people may ask for the shelter in Texas and more than 450,000 people may need Federal aid for survival. More deaths are being reported from various parts but no official confirmation has been made on the death tolls due to Texas Flood. The Hurricane Harvey has gone back to the sea on Monday, the only relief news that you may have from the Texas Flood update.

Here is the combination of the video that shows the disastrous situation at the Texas.