Narendra Modi first time spoke about the Cow Vigilante Remark and that has created uproar in various fraction of right wing. BJP is clearly dependent on the right wing parties but VHP and RSS are clearly differing on this. RSS has backed Narendra Modi on the “Gau Rakshak” comment while VHP has used stern words against PM.

What VHP has to say about Cow Vigilante Remark

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VHP has warned Narendra Modi that the impact will be seen in 2019 parliamentary elections. VHP leader said that the Hindus will not vote him for his remark. Narendra Modi said that the so called Gau Rakshaks or the cow vigilante groups are anti-social and do such activities to curb the crime.

RSS on Cow Vigilante

RSS on the other hand has showed support to the Modi. RSS has said that those people who are attacking Dalits or Lower Caste people in the name of cow protection are basically Ant-National.

RSS is the party that has flagged the term Anti-National and terming the Gau Rakshak Anti National can be another major play in politics. The Dalit March that is getting galvanized in Gujarat due to the torture may risk Gujarat Elections and the UP Elections for the party.

It would be interesting to see whether BJP can pull of an image change ahead of the polls.

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