Veenu Paliwal, top woman biker of India, died when she was doing something, she was fond of. Yes, the Lady of the Harley 2016 died during a Nation Wide Road trip on her Harley Davison. She met an accident and died in Madhya Pradesh, near Bhopal.

Veenu Paliwal died

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The woman who has driven many kilometers and known for her driving passion was in Vidisha District when she lost the control of the bike. The Jaipur based 44 years Veenu was taken to hospital but it was too late. The Jaipur based entrepreneur who owned two cafes in the Pink City of India. She was not only a biker by passion but also an ambassador of road safety but met the unfortunate death. She was planning for a documentary for the road trip. She was very active on the Social media as well and was sharing her journey. She was travelling with her fellow biker to Bhopal when this unfortunate accident took place.

Veenu Paliwal


People are shocked to admit that a Veenu Paliwal who was known for her biking skills met an accident. She has driven many kms before and has achieved many milestones. The Harley Davison recently gave her the award of Lady Harley of 2016 as well. The biker who is known as one of the most passionate and skilled bikers died when she was driving. She loved driving and at the end time as well, she was doing the same. She was also the biker who has driven her Harley Davison at 180 KPH in India.