Uyghur Muslims – China is detaining Uyghurs for being under 40 years old

Uyghur Muslims are living a life of hell. China sends them to detention camps or correction centers. They are brainwashed and tortured there. However, the apathy is just growing with each passing day.

According to a new document released by the Human Rights Watch, the data is released to understand why the Uyghurs were arrested in the Aksu Prefecture of Xinjiang Province. The data contains details of 2000 mostly Uyghur Muslims arrested between 2016 and 2018.

The reasons are as preposterous as they can be. Starting from Switching Off phones, born after the 1980s, acting suspiciously to links with foreign countries are involved. There are other reasons like setting the time zone different than Beijing as well.

The list was passed to Human Rights Watch by Radio Free Asia in August this year.

Maya Wang, Senior China Researcher at the Human Rights Watch said,

“The list provides further insights into how China’s brutal repression of Xinjiang’s Turkic Muslims is being turbocharged by technology. The Chinese government owes answers to the families of those on the list: why were they detained, and where are they now?”

However, the list is just a tiny bit of part of the total number of people detained by the Chinese authorities.

China calls these centers Re-education Centres and even told them that they have released the graduates. However, reports confirm that China continues to build and expand such facilities.

Reports of torturing them, erasing the culture, forced to forgo the religion, slashing the birth rate by forced sterilization, forced abortions, sexual abuse is very common.

The communist party has however not done anything at all. The irony is, China is a member of UN Human Rights.