US Violence Debate – Capitol was violent but Antifa was not?

The US Violence debate has reached a point where people have started generalizing the chaos. The DC Capitol violence has been widely condemned and rightly so. But what about the months of violence during the Antifa protest?

Joe Biden has now called the DC Capitol protestors Domestic Terrorists then why was Trump wrong to term the exact word for troublemakers during the Antifa protest?

Violence isn’t justifiable does not matter who does it. The months of ransacking, looting, killing and other criminal activities were unseen by the Liberals. They now are talking about violence and hurting democracy because of the Capitol riots. But wasn’t that waiting to happen? If you encourage one group of people, the others are bound to act the same way.

But does that justify the DC Capitol riot? Not at all. Supporters of Trump who said that Antifa is using violence and destroying public properties ended up doing exactly the same.

Some might add that there were Antifa elements in Washington. But we can’t comment on that without proof.

But what we can understand is that politicians in the US are playing the dividing game. They are dividing people as per their narratives and pushing people towards violence for their own agenda.

American politics have changed forever now. Once you have condoned violence in the name of protest, it will come back to haunt you.

What happened in DC Capitol is the beginning of a new era in American politics. It will now be the new norm. US Violence debate would now keep popping up during, before, and after elections.