US China Relation is no longer Friendly – Trump Jinping turn hostile again

US China relation looked to be improving a few days back. Chinese Premier Xi Jinping visited Donald Trump and the way they appeared and conversed, it looked, it may not be so hostile. Donald Trump was against China during his campaign, but suddenly he was reaching out to the South Asian Country and everything was going smooth. However, it may not remain the same anymore. US China relation has now hit a roadblock as US has agreed to deal with Arms with Taiwan for over $1.42 Bn USD. Well, yes, this is not the only thing that the US has done to China. One Chinese Bank, citizens, and shipping companies have sanctioned for helping North Korea in the Nuclear Missile program. Now if that it is already outrageous for the Chinese, then they must be aware of the fact that the US has even put China on the Global List of offenders for Human Trafficking and Forced Labour. Interestingly, everything happened within the span of a week.

The cordial relation of two heavy powers in the world may not remain the same now. China has already expressed the concern over the arms deal with Taiwan and said that the US must respect the One China Policy. However, it looks, the Republic of China or Taiwan or Chinese Taipei is getting all the attention that it was looking for. China has long threatened Taiwan and has often said that it would forcibly occupy the land. Chinese Government considers that Taipei is part of China. There is no recognition for the country at the international level. The countries do trade with Taiwan but often not openly. The US has however broken the barrier that has stopped many. The experts believe that it is not far when the Republic of China would gain the status of its own.

The experts believe that the relationship is sure to go sour between the two. The Chinese Government has the history of self-obsession and if anything goes against their plan, they start retaliating. With all possibilities, it is not far when US and China would engage in some fierce word battle for the time being.