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Honolulu, Hawaii:
An unruly Turkish Passenger has been detained by the FBI after he was forcing his way to the cockpit in the Honolulu bound Airbus 321 flight reported Washington Times. He was caught hold by the abroad passengers and was duct taped to his seat till the flight landed safely at 11.35 AM Hawaii time.

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The Turkish Passenger, Anil Uskanli, was traveling from Los Angeles to Honolulu. However, the same person was also detained before he boarded the Airbus 321. He was drinking and tried to trespass a door at the Los Angeles Airport. However, according to the Local Media, the Airport Police informed that he was not drunk to be arrested as per the rules. So, he was let off by the Police after questioning. However, he was cleared in the security check confirmed the reports.

The Turkish Passenger – Anil Uskanil

However, Anil Uskanli started troubling the flight when he forced his way to enter the cockpit. The information was readily relayed to the officials. The US Military sent two Jet Flights to escort the Airbus 321 to Honolulu. However, the passengers already overpowered him and he was duct taped at his seat. The intentions of the passenger are yet to be known. However, he has been detained now and FBI and others are questioning.

This passenger appeared on the front of the flight despite his seat was at the last. He was carrying his laptop with him. This is the time, the flight crew alerted the officials. A Laptop can be used as a bomb and that is why it has been banned carrying from the Middle East to the United States. There are even plans to ban from Europe, reported Washington Times.