Source: NY Times

The United States tests Missile Defence System on Wednesday amid the North Korea threats. The missile defence system test was particularly important after North Korea test fired a medium range missile over Japan. The test was conducted on the coast of Hawaii.
The test was conducted on John Paul Jones, a guided Missile destroyer of the United States. The test was supervised by the United States Missile Defence Agency and Navy Sailors reported the NY Times. According to the report, the US would continue to enhances the defence technologies even in the future for any security threat.

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However, this does not really signify that the United States is going defensive. However, if you listen to the experts, then this is the first time, the United States has been buckled up. There are multiple reasons behind. The first and foremost of course is the proximity of South Korea and Japan to North Korea. These countries are key allies to the US and US troops are permanently stationed there. On the other hand, China has played a double game to protect North Korea from the wrath of the United States for a long time. However, the patience might be over for the US.

The US President Donald Trump has threatened of all options, but a war is never the first option for anyone. The Guam attack threats are increasing with each passing day. North Korea would use the tool to take the US back to terms. There is no sign of controllable measure for the DPRK in terms of Nuclear adventure. The UN Sanctions that were recently put in the country, have hardly made any impact.

So, what does the Missile Defence System signifies for the US? The US may be preparing for a long haul on this issue. These are probably the precautionary measures. There are probably other strategies going on to tackle the North Korea. However, there are little chances that the strategies are diplomatic in nature.