Uniform Civil Code has always been in the agenda of BJP and Sangh Family. Every time BJP has come to the power, they have tried to push the case of this One India One Rule policy. Yes, there are different pros and cons of the civil code but BJP says that there is provision in constitution and it can be implemented.

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Supreme Court recently said that a wide and constructive debate is required for the Uniform Civil Code. However, this came in backdrop of the Triple Talaq of the Muslims. It was perceived that many men take the advantage of the Islamic rule of Triple Talaq and divorce their wives. Even, the Muslim men are allowed for polygamy in India whereas the rest are not.

Some believe that it is a part of religious freedom that is the basic part of the Indian constitution and some are very aggressive on the same rule for all citizens. There have been many instances when Uniform Civil Code came for debate but politics, vote and of course religion came in the way. BJP has time and again blamed Congress for Vote Bank Politics to stop the implementation of the code. On the other hand, Congress has said the same for BJP for favouring it.

Uniform Civil Code is again in the news as the government is reportedly looking for the suitable opportunity and debate to implement that. However , the path for it is not so easy. India is diverse country and implementation of the code may become difficult from religious and social point of view.

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