ULFA (I) has come hard against the Spiritual leader Dalai Lama and warned him not to speak against China. The chairman of ULFA (I) Abhizeet Asom Barman has said that no Indian propaganda against China will be tolerated. Well, the UL FA has clearly made everyone understood that they work with the funding of China.

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ULFA that tries to create tension and also responsible for many violence in the North East India bordering China, has long fought against the establishment. The nexus of the ULFA and Chinese interest is as clear as it is in Kashmir with Pakistan. However, the UL FA could not become a driving force with little help from the locals. This statement of UL FA has clearly indicated that China is pushing the case to stop Dalai Lama when it failed to communicate through the official channels.

Dalai Lama should visit the Tawang area of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. China has officially threatened the visit to Tawang, which China considers as part of Tibet and disputed. However, the Indian officials have made it clear that Dalai Lama is free to visit any part of the United India and it should not be the concern of the others.

The ULFA may be the last attempt of China to deter the visit of the Dalai Lama to the Tawang and Assam. However, any result of this trick is unlikely. ULFA(I) is in nexus with China and it is believed that many ULFA(I) members are hiding in China and operate from there against India. Paresh Barua is one of the leaders understood to be hiding in China as well. However, it is hard to believe that Beijing has stooped so low to stop Dalai Lama.