Source: ABC News

UK Elections 2017 is closing towards a dramatic end. Theresa May called for an early election to strengthen and stabilize the Government. The Conservative and Unionist Party is now short of the overall majority which they had in the last election. The majority mark in the 650 seats of UK Parliament is 326 and Conservative Party is well short of it.

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Now, what happens as Theresa May loses her majority in the UK Parliament. This is a hung assembly and no party can alone form the Government. So, in that case, there are few possible situations that may be witnessed before June 13th when the new Parliament meets. However, till then Theresa May would continue to be the Prime Minister unless until she resigns.

Situation 1

The Conservative party may end up in short of 10 or odd seats and may seek support from other parties to form the Government. Considering the small target to achieve the majority, this is the most viable option. However, the Poll Promise of Stable Government would be a distant dream in that case. It is also not clear which party would be approached.

Situation 2

Following the Brexit and the series of Terrorists attack, the incumbent Government faces an uphill task to convince others to form the Government. The Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, in that case, may form Government with the help of other leaders. He has already asked Theresa May to step down.

So, after the UK Elections 2017, it is clear that the people have not voted for an outright majority. So, the hung assembly would give even more possible situations in the coming 2-3 days.

However, the big question is will Theresa May resign? Well, the experts have different opinions on the same. Her plan of early elections badly backfired and she has to now ensure that she gains the confidence of others to ensure the stable UK after the Brexit.

She has said that she would claim the stake with the friends. Well, it has become immensely interesting.

UK Elections 2017 Results

Total Seats Declared 650/650

Conservative Party – 318
Labour Party – 262
Scottish National Party – 35
Liberal Democrats – 12
UK Independence Party – 0
Others – 23