UK Brexit

UK Brexit has already made a mess in entire Europe. However, one after another series of events is throwing Britain in deep misery. UKIP Leader Nigel Farage has now made things even worse. He has stepped down from United Kingdom Independence Party after Britain successfully voted against EU. He said that he wants his life back and he never wanted to become a politician and instead wanted to have his Britain back.

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Britain is already facing an economic crisis and the leaders of the country are making escaping from the responsibilities. One thing must be understood very clearly that neither the politics nor the People are game. A leader never runs away from the situation. A leader is he who stands with the people in win and defeat. But two of the most prominent leaders of UK who were the face of the Leave and Remain Campaign for UK Brexit have not shown the enough courage to be remembered.

Let’s talk about them one by one.

David Cameroon

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom wanted to finish the matter of Remain and Leave once for all. He trusted the people of UK and called for a referendum. His campaign was overpowered by the opposite camp and UK Brexit came into existence. Even though Article 50 has not been invoked yet but Mr. Cameroon has already announced that he is going to resign from the post of Prime Minister. He could not lead the country to prosperity and he offered to resign. It is true that he said that he would resign if Leave Campaign wins before the referendum. However, a leader leaves the post when the country needs him the most. It does not matter who comes from the Conservative Party to replace him, the man who led the country for past few years should have been there to take it out from the mess of Brexit. There is no doubt that there will be pressure from the opposition and even from the own party. But ultimately the people matters not the party. He will be remembered as a leader who left in between for losing a battle. He will never be the Hero of Britain and neither a great Political Leader in the history to come.

Nigel Farage

He has made the entire politics and the European Union Referendum a mockery. He left his post and a party of United Kingdom Independence Party after his campaign yielded a result. The UK Brexit was materialized and he was one of the biggest reasons. But as soon as he succeeds, he quits. The country is in a dilemma that whether they have taken the right decision or not and the leader exits. This is the worst kind of leadership and burden on the people. People voted against looking at a man who campaigned for it. However, after the result, he is nowhere to be seen. Then whom they have looked to? This is a question that will haunt Britons for a long time. He said that he never wanted to be a politician and thought about the nation. But his act just put his nation at greater risk. His role will always be questioned in the UK Brexit campaign. Was he an Opportunist or just a seasonal politician who lost interest just after winning the first battle?

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