Udta Punjab Online leak has given Censor Board a huge headache. The movie has been leaked online prior to hit the theatres on June 17. But why it is threatening Censor Board and the Chief Pahlaj Nihlani? Well the allegations that Censor Board has leaked the print online can go long way. Most importantly, there are enough reasons to suspect the role of Censor Board.
The foremost allegation is the watermark in the print. The print consists a watermark of the Censor Board and that is enough reasons to believe that it has been leaked by the board itself. But is that it? Well, a hacker can create watermark and that cannot be ruled out either. But this is a job that must be done by the Police not by media.

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Udta Punjab Online Leak

A movie can be leaked online in various stages and it is basically difficult to understand the source. In order to unearth the same, the trend of watermark was introduced. But there has been instances where hackers have put a watermark in the print to distract the investigation team and it is quite possible for Udta Punjab Online leak as well.
But whatever may be the case the self-claimed guardian of Indian Culture, Values and Morals, CBFC Chief Pahlaj Nihlani is under immense pressure. If it has been indeed leaked by the board, then this should be the last brick on the Censor Board reputation and credibility apart from the illegal pirating of a movie.