Turkish President Erdogan Declares Victory – Supporters say Rise of Ottoman Empire

Turkish President Erdogan has declared victory from Istanbul unofficially jointly with the Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. The unofficial report has claimed that almost 51.2% voted for the Erdogan. However, the Turkish Election Commission has not released the official number and result. The President camp has however started celebrating.

The opposition has claimed that the 60% votes should be recounted and appeal has been made to the Election Commission. The President camp has however said that the 100% votes have been counted that is close to 47.5 million and 51.2% have said, Evet or Yes in Turkish for Erdogan. If the claim comes out true then President Erdogan would enjoy sweeping powers and will make Turkey almost an autocratic country with the hope of democracy may be crushed with overloaded powers. President Erdogan may stay at the power till 2029 by the law. The post of Prime Minister would be scrapped altogether from 2019.

The protest for the victory on the count of unfair means and rigging may also increase. A crackdown on the protesters can also be expected. Overall, the Turkish Referendum is not the end of any crisis that started with the failed coup attempt, it is just the beginning.

The supporters believe that the foreign forces would not have any control in Turkey. Basically, President Erdogan would serve the ties with EU and NATO and that is seen as the rise of Ottoman Empire in Turkey yet again. However, the situation may turn same as the Middle East where the autocratic leaders captured the power and exploited people with no democratic structure at all.