Turkish Airlines is known for the hospitality and high quality flying. However, it made its name for delivering the baby as well. Surprised? Well, something really amazing happened in Guinea to Burkina Faso flight. A lady 28 weeks pregnant suddenly felt the child pain and then the Airlines Staff helped her to deliver the baby.

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This sound fascinating and the experience was really amazing according to the co-passengers. A lady passenger named Nafi Diaby suddenly experienced the childbirth pain and there was no way that it could have been averted at 42000 feet. The Turkish Airlines staffs along with the other co-passengers decided to help her out. She delivered the baby and was named Kadiju. Both the Mother and the baby are doing well as per the reports. They were taken to the hospital after the flight landed in Burkina Faso.

As per the rules of the Airlines, Expected mothers can travel via air before they reach the 36th week of pregnancy. However, a doctor’s certificate is required whenever the expectancy period reaches the 28th week. The certificate confirms the date of the delivery of the baby.

Turkish Airlines staff posed with the little new born baby and looked very happy. This is one of the most amazing news when the Airline staff came to help the woman when she was in need. May the Mother and Child have good health.

The Asian Herald Team congratulates the Turkish Airlines for the Amazing Effort.