Turkey Referendum has the power to change the fate of the country. President Tayyip Erdogan has sought for more powers and control from more than 55.3 million voters of Turkey on the referendum. If the Yes Camp wins the Referendum, the world will see unprecedented moves and more staunch actions from President Erdogan. The Turkish Referendum is taking place in the State of Emergency that was imposed since the Failed Coup attempt in Turkey.

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President Erdogan who has sought higher authorities over the country can enjoy large power if the Yes campaign wins. The President is known for his Pro-Islamic views and it is believed that Turkey with Muslim majority may lose the Secular Status. There are more challenges as well. Turkey may not remain the part of EU. President Erdogan has already threatened to sign anything that comes from Parliament in regard of the Capital Punishment. This automatically cancels the EU bid for the Turkey. He would enjoy the authority to appoint ministers directly and would dispense the office of the Prime Minister in the centralized Presidential rule for Turkey.

However, there are many more changes that are proposed under the Turkey Referendum. President Erdogan may seek for two more 5 years term after the referendum results. He became the President in 2014. However, he was the Premier since 2003. However, the changes of the rules based on the referendum results should be from post-2019 elections.

The opposition has already cried foul for the referendum. It has accused that President has used all his might to turn around the results to Yes in the referendum. The Republican People’s Party which is leading the No camp has warned the voters that the democracy will be the loser if the One Man Show, “Yes” get the majority.

The reaction of the West would be crucial for the Turkey. However, depending on the past and history of the world, it can be said, that if Turkey votes “Yes” for the referendum then another power tussle, autocracy, and non-democratic era would be witnessed.