Source: HT Media

Fethullah Gulen, the US Based Muslim Cleric is wanted in Turkey. After the referendum gave huge power effective from 2019, Turkey has started a crackdown on the supporters of the cleric. Apparently, Turkey has detained at least 1009 people for having a link with Fethullah Gulen, reported media houses.

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Gulen is accused of carrying out the failed coup attempt on President Erdogan. His Hizmet Movement has been designated as the Terror Organizations whereas the people associated with it say that it is a peaceful organization that promotes Moderate Islam. The Anadolu News Agency of Turkey has reported that the crackdown is intense and the numbers of detained people may soon increase. It has been reported that almost 8500 policemen are on duty nationwide to detain these people for further investigation.

This is second such detention in the Turkey after the failed coup attempt. According to the data available, almost 47000 people have been arrested for the failed coup attempt on President Erdogan. The Western World already raised concern about the massive scale crackdown. However, undeterred President has only tightened the screws. Since he won the referendum that was widely criticized by the Opposition for rigging he has to decide to go more aggressive.

Fethullah Gulen is living in exile in the United States since 1999. After he allegedly influenced the coup attempt, Turkey has remained under emergency rule. The rule has been increased time to time and has now been increased up to July 2019. It is believed that Turk President Erdogan, who believes in more Islamic rule and culture, may take Anti-Democratic decisions in near future.