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Turkey Police Station bombed by the rebels and the militants as per the reports. The blast took place in Cizre Town of Turkey at the Police Station. Primary reports have confirmed at least 9 death and more than 64 injuries from the blast.

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The Turkey Police Station Bombed incident took place with a car bomb with high amount of explosive. The huge smoke from the site of the blast shows that the intensity of the blast was major. The blast took place at the Sirnak Province that shares the border with turbulent Syria and Iraq. The South East Turkey has always been disturbing and has seen many deadly attacks in various parts. The Kurd majority area in Turkey has been at the receiving end more or often.

The State Run Media has blamed the blast on the PKK Party that is also called as the Kurdistan Workers Party. The PKK is responsible for clashes at the region as well. The party has been labeled as the Terrorist Organization by Turkey, United States and European Union. Since 1984, when the Kurds became rebel, almost 40000 people have died. Ironically, Kurds are more numbers among the list.

The ambulance has reached the spot and the injured are been transferred to the nearest hospital. There are some serious injuries and it is expected that the death toll of may increase as the Turkey Police Station bombed.

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