Turkey lifts ban on the Headscarf for the Military women. The officially secular country, Turkey had finally lifted the ban and allowed the military women officials, non-commissioned officials and the cadets to use the headscarf as long as they are of the same pattern of the uniform and of the same colour.

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been called as a religiously influenced leader and has been accused of promoting Islam in the country. Since 1920, Turkey has no official Religion and it is a Secular country on papers. However, slowly, the Islamic Movement has started taking place in the country especially after the latest President assumed the office. The Army was the last institution where the headscarf was banned in Turkey and now it has been lifted. The ban was lifted for Police women in 2016. However, as Turkey lifts ban on the headscarf, the opinions have started coming about the timing. It has been understood that after the failed coup attempt, President gained more power in the Army ranks and now has successfully implemented the rule.

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The ban uplifting has been a major debate in Turkey where the secular group considers this as an inclination towards a particular religion and others feel that it is part of the “Pious Generation” attempt of the Turkey President.

The new laws will be implemented soon after it would be published in the official gazette of Turkey.

Even though Turkey is a secular place officially but most of the citizens of Turkey are Sunni Muslims.