Oruc Reis
Source: France 24

Turkey Greece conflict could be revived in a matter of days now. Turkish President Erdogan has decided to send the research ship Oruc Reis to the Eastern Mediterranean sea.

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It would carry out seismic research near the Greek Island of Kastellorizo from October 12 to October 22, reported France 24.

This step is likely to revive the Turkey Greece conflict.

During August, Greece and Turkey were engaged in a row over gas exploration. This led to air and navy drills in the strategic waters between the Cyprus and Greek island of Crete.

Greece claims the rights over the water near the island of Kastellorizo, but Turkey does not agree. Turkey says due to its long coastline, it has claims to the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Ankara deployed Oruc Reis, research and warship on the water on August 10, and extended the mission. Turkey avoided repeated calls from the European Union and Athens.

Oruc Reis will join Ataman and Cengiz Han in the seismic survey.

The political pundits believed that the Turkey Greece conflict could be resolved by talks after Oruc Reis was pulled back from the disputed water. Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he wants to give diplomacy a chance before the EU summit.

The EU said that Turkey will be punished if Ankara counties to operate in the region. However, Turkey maintained that the ship will return after maintenance. Greece and Turkey also agreed to talk after Germany led efforts to defuse tension.

However, with this move, it seems the negotiation can become difficult again.

Turkey seems to be ready for conflict with everyone. After involving in Armenia and Azerbaijan conflict, Turkey is ready to let go of the European Union for territorial ambition.