Turkey Airport Attack has left the country shocked with deadly bloodshed. On Tuesday, three suspected ISIS militants opened fire at Istanbul international airport and blew themselves with bomb killing around 36 people. The terrorist attack on Tuesday wounded around 150 people at one of the world’s busiest airports. Till now no terrorist organization has claimed responsibility of the attack but reports suggests that ISIS is behind the gruesome act. In recent years, Tuesday’s attack is considered as one of the deadliest attacks by the ISIS state.

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As per police report, one of the militant opened fire near the arrival hall as Turkey Bombed again and as the police reached the point, the terrorist detonated the bomb and blew themselves. After the Turkey Airport attack, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said that it seems to be a well planned attack by ISIS to target innocent civilians. He also mentioned that the preliminary investigation pointed that the militants reached airport by taxi with a motive to kill civilians.

Turkey Airport Attack

Majority of the people who lost their lives in Tuesday’s bombing were Turkish nationals. Few foreign nationals also lost their lives in the attack. Detailed list of the killed people is not published yet by the officials. The witnesses claimed that the atmosphere inside the airport were horrific. There were blood lying everywhere with dead bodies of passenger scattered. The witness also said that due to the explosion, the roof of the airport also came down injuring several passengers. The attack took place on Tuesday at 9: 50 PM but still no militant group has claimed the responsibility yet as Turkey Bombed again.

Turkey has been witnessed several bombing incidents in past few years. The country is suffering from insurgencies from war torn Syria and Iraq. Turkey is also one of the members of US led coalition against the ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq.

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