Tupolev-154, a Soviet Era plane was flying high when it was crashed into the Black Sea. The plane was carrying 92 people, 84 passengers, and 8 crew and all of them have died in the accident. The Red Army Choir that sang beautiful Russian Folk Songs and showcased the mighty Russian Military power lost 64 members. Apart from them, the local Russian reports suggest that Head of Military Police of Russia’s Defence Ministry, Vladimir Ivanovsky was also on board when the crash took place.

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The Tupolev-154 was heading towards Syria and left Sochi but got crashed into the Black Sea. This is one of the biggest losses for Russia in the on-going Aleppo Crisis. The Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that the loss is impossible to accept. He also added the crew and the members were heading Aleppo for a Mission of Peace.

Russia recently helped the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad the Aleppo City after five long years. The loss is another grieve for Russia after the Ambassador to Turkey, last week in Ankara. Condolences have poured in from different parts of the world for the unfortunate incident.

Syria President Bashar al-Assad expressed his condolences on the tragic incident. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi also tweeted his condolences as well. The agencies are currently trying to find out the reason behind the crash. Initially, a technical glitch has been reported, but all angles are properly investigated before making any official statement.
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