Tubelight, the next release of Salman Khan has many promises and high expectations from the Box Offices. However, there are many facts about the Bollywood movie that will create records and would make the movie even more important in the Box Office. There are few important things of the movie Tubelight that cannot be ignored.

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1. The movie would be the last release of the legendary Bollywood actor Late Om Puri. He died just after he finished the shooting of the movie. The Kabir Khan movie has a pivotal role for him.

2. This would be the first Bollywood movie ever made that would release on the same day in India and China. The other movies that have been released in China were after 6-8 months later. China is slowly becoming a surging market for the Indian movies.

3. The movie is said to be an adaptation of the Hollywood movie “A Little Boy”. However, with Bollywood, it is expected that the movie would feature lots of climax and masala of course.

4. The movie would reunite Friend turned Foe turned Friend, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan. Shah Rukh has a crucial role in the movie.

5. The movie would be the first in Bollywood to rope in a top rated Chinese actress Zho Zho. It has already been confirmed that she is playing the lead lady in the movie.

The movie is based on a slow learner man who would be in mission to find his brother during the Indo-China war.