Trump Putin agree to work together for the North Korean diplomacy stated The White House. According to The Independent, the White House released a short statement and confirmed that the two leaders have discussed the possible threats and danger of Nuclear Weapon misuse. The call lasted for some time where the leaders agreed to work together to maintain stability and peace in the Korean peninsula.

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North Korea has defied all the possible pressure and threats. It has shown no sign of giving up the Nuclear mission and has remained adamant. Donald Trump tried for Chinese diplomacy but that did not work. He then turned to Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. According to reports, Trump Putin talk was based on the possible resolution of the spiked tensions. The White House said that it is an attempt to make Kim Jong-Un understand the risk that Nuclear ambition has got for the North Korea. The two world leaders may further meet on G20 Summit in Germany to discuss further issues.

Russia does have an influence in North Korea since long days. However, the politics and diplomacy of North have moved towards China more since the collapse of USSR. However, Donald Trump believes that Putin and Xi Jinping can make things work. However, the experts believe that considering the stature of Kim Jong-Un, North Korea may still not agree.

However, the talks were on Syria Crisis as well. The two leaders also discussed the possibility of creating safe zones in Syria. The Independent reported that two countries have discussed the immediate relief to the people of Syria who have suffered for long.