The death toll has increased as the tornadoes hit Texas. The entire south region got affected including Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas and others. The official said that the death toll has increased from initial 4 to 10 after the devastating storm.

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The authorities and the officials have informed that at least 4 tornadoes hit the Texas, east of Dallas. The numbers of injured people are close to 50 and many of them are in critical condition. The devastating storm has razed many structures in the area. Many properties have been damaged from the storm and resulting flooding, which is where companies like Water Damage Restoration of Austin come in to help affected property owners. The transformers are damaged and there is no electricity. People are suffering due to the unprecedented storm that took the residents by surprise. The death toll may further increase believe the reports.
The Texas Governor has appealed to people to donate clothes, money and warehouse to fight the situation. The condition in Texas, Illinois and Missouri is very fragile and fluid. Apart from the tornadoes hit Texas, the rising water level of the flood water has worried the Missouri residents. A few loss of lives have already been reported. The NBC News reported that a woman was carried out by the floodwater in Missouri.

Stormy weather can have devastating consequences for homeowners in Texas. Furthermore, heavy rainfall and extreme winds can seriously damage properties. If you live in Texas and your roof has been damaged by wet and windy weather, you might want to consider reaching out to one of the many austin roofing companies out there who can repair any damage to your roof to get it looking back at its best.

The officials believe that unless the Sun rises on Monday, it is hard to access the situation. However, things are under control and are under continuous monitoring. The restoration of electricity may not be immediately possible due to the heavy damage done by the storm. However, authorities, officials and others are reaching out to the distressed people to help them. The rescue operation is undergoing in the tornadoes hit Texas.